Joel Thomas Growing Up

Sneak Peek: Joel Thomas Growing Up

When our son was born on September 18th 2013, I decided I would take monthly pictures of him and document his first year of life in pictures. I had a fairly decent camera and we didn’t have the money for professional photographer each month. So early morning photo sessions became something Joel and I did.

I couldn’t just buy the cute stickers and pose him with a teddy bear; I went all out! Little did I know the task I was undertaking! Joel was an early riser, so each month I would wake up extra early, set up a mock studio in the living room, and take his pictures. Most of the time all before my wife Bailey got out of the bed.

I learned a lot about my camera as the months progressed. And learned a lot about Joel. We had to stop at times. There were times when we had to try another day. Wardrobe changes had to be made. Sometimes, only one picture looked half decent. I can say, with all the negative, I don’t regret taking the time to document this brief moment in his life.

Joel is four now and just started his first year of school. It’s harder to get him to be still, and I have to bribe him to take a picture. Having a kid of my own makes family pictures fun. I understand that sometimes you just have to stop and ask them how they want the picture to look. It’s okay to take a silly picture, they are always the one right before the perfect shot!

Jordan Hillis – JHillis Photography

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A Girl and Her Pearls

Sneak Peek: Vivilyn Fowler

JHillis Photography had the pleasure of capturing the smiles of this lovely gem! Miss Vivilyn just turned six months old and is the light of her parents’ eyes! Even though she may be young, Miss Vivilyn is a fashion diva. She loves to dress up, wear jewelry, and going out on the town. She even has her own Instagram account!

Make sure you give Miss Vivilyn a follow on Intsagram and while you’re at it, check out her mom’s blog, Being Mrs. Fowler!


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