A Cousin Christmas

Sneak Peek: A Cousin Christmas

These are the roots of JHillis Photography. For the past three years the Hillis cousins have all come together to take pictures during the Christmas holiday. We laugh, make fun of one another, and reminisce on times new and old. It’s a time we can catch up with one another and remember what this whole season is about. Family.

These pictures replace what money tries to buy. These memories are what we share with our grandparents each year for Christmas. I can say, it’s their most favorite gift every time. I won’t lie, we enjoy it as well. It can be hard to find the time for us all to get together but in the end it is always worth it.

A lot has changed for our family this year. Joel turned three. Vivilyn celebrated her first birthday. Morgan and Billy joined the married club in October. Jordan and Bailey celebrated five years of marriage. Megan and Justin celebrated two years of marriage. Such excitement! Such chaos!


This Hillis clan would like to wish your family a wonderful and safe Christmas season. Don’t forget the true meaning of the holiday season and hold those dear to you close to your heart.

Jordan Hillis – JHillis Photography

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The Ricks Family

Sneak Peak: The Ricks Family


JHillis Photography had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with the Ricks family at Savannah’s historic Wormsloe Plantation and State Park. Casey and Elizabeth have been married nineteen and a half years, and they are the parents to four beautiful children; Ashlyn, Emma, Casey Jr., and Mary.

jhillisphoto_2649Ashlyn, age 17 is the eldest of the bunch and a senior at the Habersham School in Savannah, Georgia. This young lady excels in academics and strives to be a leader on and off the basketball court. Emma, age 15 enjoys basketball and volleyball in her free time. Casey, age 12 is a young man who enjoys all that the outdoors have to offer. His favorites are hunting, fishing and basketball. Last, but not least, we have Mary, age 7. This young lady may seem shy, but I learned she has a little sass in her! Mary enjoys playing with her dolls and My Little Ponies. As a family,  they all enjoy being outside enjoying nature and the company of one another.

JHillis Photography would like to congratulate Ashlyn on her upcoming graduation and wish her well in the next chapter of her life as she embarks on her college years.

Jordan Hillis – JHillis Photography

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Senior Photos: Hannah Jordan

Sneak Peek: Hannah Jordan

JHillis Photography recently joined Hannah Jordan for a photo session at Savannah’s Ogeechee Canal and Nature Center. I have known Hannah and her family since she was in elementary school. Hannah is a senior at Calvary Day School and enjoys cheerleading on the sidelines at the schools football games. She also enjoys reading, music, drama, and a good laugh from Tim Hawkins.



She is excited about embarking on her new adventure in the fall… COLLEGE! Hannah’s mom said that she might cry during the photo session. I can report that there were no tears. Just smiles and giggles! She is hoping to study either education or psychology.

Join us in congratulating Hannah in her accomplishments and wishing her the best as she prepares for college in the fall!

Jordan Hillis – JHillis Photography

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The Taylor Family

Sneak Peek: The Taylor Family

JHillis Photography had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with the Taylor family in downtown Savannah. All the way from Memphis to Savannah; Jason, Timberly, and their son, Roman, are now forming roots in the beautiful Coastal Empire.


Jason serves our country in the United Sates Army and Timberly is a local teacher. Roman is in the first grade and his favorite subject is Math. This seven year old was so funny. Everything from his poses to the things he would say… Timberly assured me that their was never a dull moment in their home.

JHillis Photography welcomes the Taylor family to Savannah and would like to thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Jordan Hillis – JHillis Photography

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The Keeble Family

Sneak Peek: The Keeble Family

JHillis Photography had the joyous pleasure of spending time with the Keeble family at Savannah’s Botanical Gardens on Eisenhower Blvd this  morning. I truly believe that I smiled as much as they did during this session.

Remington and Maggie are the lucky parents to the ever so lovely Peyton, age 7, and Rylee, age 4, as their own. These two girls are each others best friend, isn’t it apparent? The girls love all the Disney princesses and get super excited about butterflies. But who can blame them?

This morning was so much fun with this crew. I’m quickly learning that I get to meet some amazing people with this gig and looking forward to meeting many more.

Jordan Hillis – JHillis Photography

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The Clifton Family

Sneak Peek – Clifton Family


JHillis Photography took a short drive to Metter, Georgia this past weekend to the family farm of David and Shelly Clifton. May I just say that we love the Clifton family? This family consists of some of the most caring and selfless people that I have ever encountered. We have known this family for years and witnessed their two babies transform into rambunctious little boys.

David and Shelly celebrated 15 years of marriage in August and have the joy of being parents to DJ, age 8, and Jessie, age 4. DJ enjoys swimming on his swim team, racing those willing and karate. Jessie also enjoys swimming, along with fishing whenever possible.

I won’t tell you the magic phrase we used to get these boys to smile. That will just have to be our little secret! All that matters is that it worked beautifully!

Jordan Hillis – JHillis Photography

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Mr. & Mrs. Billy Roy

JHillis Photography had the honor and great joy to capture the special day of Billy Roy and Morgan Collins.This couple has a special connection to JHillis Photography, the bride is my cousin!

Make-up by Mary Elaine

This “ROYal” wedding was simply amazing. From the estate flair in the jewelry, southern hydrangeas, and lace gown, this wedding was one for the books!

The couple decided to have a private setting for their first look at one another. SO. ADORABLE! They wanted to utilize their time together as well as achieve the traditional feel of the walk down the isle. He cried. She beamed. Match made in heaven!

The couple was surrounded by friends and family, who traveled from around the corner and from miles away. This couple is truly blessed.

Join me in celebrating the union of this couple and wishing them a lifetime of happiness!


Jordan Hillis – JHillis Photography

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Alex & Elizabeth Engagement

Sneak Peek: Alex and Elizabeth Engagement Session


JHillis Photography had the pleasure of spending a hot, humid Georgia afternoon with Alex and Elizabeth. Luckily for us, Savannah has gorgeous locations year round despite the weather. We were able to walk around W. Jones Street, Pulaski Square,and the surrounding areas to capture a few sweet interactions between these two.

Alex and Elizabeth are such a sweet and loving couple. I learned that very quickly during our time together. I mean, just look at the way the look at each other. You know that saying, “I love you like a fat kid loves chocolate cake?” THIS. IS. IT.

JHillisPhoto_5807We are so happy for this couple and can’t wait to see them tie the knot next April.

Join me in congratulating the future Mr. & Mrs. Fairbanks in the next chapter of their lives and wishing them a journey into marriage that is filled with many years of blessings!

Jordan Hillis – JHillis Photography

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The Spencer Family

Sneak Peek: Spencer Family

On June 25th, JHillis Photography had the pleasure to do a family shoot for the Spencer Family who sadly will be leaving the Coastal Empire. Sarah and Michael Spencer have four beautiful children- James, Gabe, Eliza, and Katie.JHillisPhoto_5722

While in Savannah, Sarah served as Grammar School Dean at The Habersham School. Michael serves our country as a Chief Warrant Officer. Such a family of service and blessing to many!

This group of six was probably the most enjoyable session yet. It was so funny to see the faces they made at each other to get the biggest smiles out of their siblings. I can even say they used me to ac tout the old rabbit ear trick. But, hey! Whatever gets the picture, right?

JHillis Photography and The Habersham School are sad to see the Spencer’s leave, and we wish them well on their next journey. Let us not forget, thank you for your service and sacrifice!

Jordan Hillis – JHillis Photography

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Benchmark Properties of Savannah

Sneak Peek: Benchmark Properties of Savannah


(Left-Right, Top Row: Jeff Welch, Jim Strickland; Bottom Row: Kate Welch, Susi Strickland, Meg Everette Welch, Hal Brodmann.)

Benchmark Properties of Savannah is a full-service Real Estate company to both residential and commercial properties in the greater Savannah area. JHillis Photography had the pleasure of taking a few head shots on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Troup Square.


Savannah native, Jeff Welch and his wife, Kate, work as a team alongside two full-time agents, one part-time, and their office manager. This team brings years of experience to the table with many different backgrounds.


For all you reality needs, make sure you check out Benchmark Properties of Savannah!

Jordan Hillis – JHillis Photography

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