Miss Olivia Ann

Sneak Peek: Miss Olivia Ann: Newborn – Three Months

We welcomed a princess into our lives on November 10, 2018, 1:17am. 8 pounds, 9 ounces. Our world will never be the same.

I honestly can’t tell you how long I’ve prayed/wished for a little girl. I tell people that my little brother was supposed to be a little girl. So roughly since 1997… no joke… it’s been a long time!


These last three months have been busy and we’ve done our best to capture monthly pictures. To be honest, sometimes we do them a week late. She is the happiest baby I’ve seen. She loves to be held (but who doesn’t), she loves being in her bedroom, she likes to play with her bottle when she should be eating, and she loves bananas.

Let’s talk about Joel for a second. He is the BEST big brother! He is so patient with her. He always gets the biggest smiles from Olivia. He loves her so much and she loves him right back.

This babydoll is just what my heart needed. We are the Hillis party of four & I hope no more!

Jordan Hillis – JHillis Photography

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