Mr. & Mrs. Loven

Sneak Peek: Mr. & Mrs. Loven

JHillis Photography had the great honor and joy to take part in Dillon and Lila’s special day. It was extra special for me since it was my little cousin. She is a grown woman and I’m having trouble coming to terms with that!

Dillion and Lila “tied the knot” at the dock of Hidden Oaks in Clyo, Georgia. What made the ceremony even more special was that her uncle was officiating the service. The day was filled with laugher with close friends and family. Slightly overcast, but perfect weather.

The night closed out with dancing, food and even more laughter. As a final surprise the couple shot fireworks revealing the gender of their baby. IT’S A GIRL! We can’t wait to welcome Miss Olivia Grace in April!


JHillis Photography wishes the newly, Mr. & Mrs. Loven a happy, long, and loving marriage. May you forever seek the spark that we see here.

Jordan Hillis – JHillis Photography

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